Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Semester break.


Disebabkan banyak masa yang aku ada, aku nak muntahkan apa yang ada dalam kepala ni.
I am in a hotel now, it's located in Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson. Nothing much here, there are two pools and a beach that is now in construction. They are making a bridge so it's totally no for tourists to swimming or panicking or whatnot. Just two pools to swimming or enjoy which is, limited space and they are a lot of people in there, I just cannot. My sister is having her customs courses so this is where I am.

I guess, I am just gonna keep a journal? I'm not a journal people you know what I mean? I don't write often, matter of fact, I don't like writing, my hand writing is so bad. I bought a diary, at TYPO and I did not write much there. I do not know where it went haha so I think i should keep a make time table for myself, number phones, addresses, birthdays and money management you know? I have some trouble when it comes to money. what the hell is wrong with i can't even have some savings. When I really need money, there's no money. That shit hurts :) :) :)

So recently, I am so disappointed with the EPL placing now, so tiring when it comes to Manchester United when I think about the 9th place.... I don't think Moyes have a good strategies for them, or is it they players just dont want to cooperate with their manager? hah. I don't know. I want them to be good, and to be on the top of table, like usual. We are champion club, aren't we? Yes, we are! Ah, I never thought, Everton could bring us down at old Trafford. It has been years, we never got defeated by them at home. Please change for good. Win, lose or draw... Manchester United, is in my heart till I die, it runs in me. Till then

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